Freedom Force (PC, Electronic Arts/Crave Entertainment, Teen, $39.99) Don’t let the form-fitting tights fool you: Freedom Force is the best superhero-themed game to ever crash through the screen of your PC. With way-over-the-top writing and voice acting, FF does a great job of paying homage to the square-jawed crime fighters created in the ’60s by Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The costumed crusaders of the FF team include the star-spangled muscle of Minuteman and the Latin fire starter El Diablo. To defend Patriot City from the forces of evil, you throw cars, wield street lights, and topple buildings. It’s all fun — helped by silly story lines and smart writing — that will keep you playing until the last punch is thrown. The Assist On the first level, after busting out of the park, go to the first small alley to your right: A mobster stands guard over a Dumpster that hides a power-up. The Last Shot FF can be a very busy game: Just keeping track of characters in the heat of battle requires superhuman speed and stamina. But that’s quibbling: Freedom Force is a SMASH!-ing game. AMark Brooks

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