Cancer Schmancer


Find Me Rosie O’Donnell (Warner, $23.95) After eight doctors and two years of misdiagnoses, Drescher, who played the brassy title character on The Nanny, discovered she had uterine cancer— andand found she really did have something to whine about. The actress infuses her writing with humor (on her umpteenth gynecological appointment, she dabs Chanel No. 5 beneath her navel for the doctor’s benefit) and honesty (though her musings on post-op lovin’ with her beau veer into TMI territory). But better to have a memoir with too much information than too little: O’Donnell’s Find Me is essentially a collection of dream sequences, innocuous biographical tidbits, and therapy outtakes masquerading as memoir. Skirting potentially touchy issues (her sexuality, childhood trauma), O’Donnell instead focuses on her relationship with a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder who benefits from her charity. It’s an interesting enough story — but would have been better as a feature in her eponymous magazine. Cancer Schmancer: B+ Find Me: C-

Cancer Schmancer
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