Alanis Morissette answers L2T readers' queries. Plus, ask Rush's Geddy Lee questions for next month's Listen2This
Alanis Morissette
Credit: Alanis Morissette: Colin Bell/Retna

If you could have an affair with any famous man, who would it be and why?
–Julie Rothman, Cherry Hill, NJ

I could get myself in a lot of trouble right now.? [pause] I would morph John Lennon, the Dalai Lama, Jon Stewart, and Owen Wilson into one person, because part of me is very spiritual, part of me is a complete idiot, part of me is an activist, and part of me is a fool.

Would you ever put out a B-sides album with stuff like ”London,” ”Pollyanna Flower,” and ”Sister Blister”?
–Tahlia Buccella, Melbourne, Australia

Yes, around Christmas.? ”Sister Blister” will be on there. A lot of the songs I wrote for Under Rug Swept didn?t make the record, so I?m making an album with those 10 or 11 songs and some others.

Do you ever worry that your hair might suffocate you while you?re asleep?
–Richard Pering, Torquay, England

[Laughs] That?s not something I?ve ever worried about, no. But thanks for throwing that paranoia into my brain.

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