Rob is voted off -- It's getting down to the nitty-gritty, says Jessica Shaw, and now ''Survivor'' is really getting interested
Robert DeCanio, Survivor: Marquesas
Credit: Robert DeCanio: Monty Brinton/CBS

Rob is voted off

You gotta love it when, during those last few episodes of the ”Survivor” season, the producers do everything they can to trick us. They make it seem like one person is getting immunity — and then it’s another. They make it seem like one person is getting the boot — and then it’s another. Usually, you can see where they’re going and just not fall for it. Tonight, however, I was genuinely shocked.

First of all, at 8:01 you were absolutely sure the General was going to go. He was the last of the John-Zoe-Tammy alliance. He was sort of sulky and lame. And he didn’t have anyone watching his back. But then he became the greatest contestant on the island. I didn’t even care about the guy last week but by the end of tribal council, I was pretty darn surprised — not to mention quite bummed.

Can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief, though, that Neleh is so out of there in the next week or two? Sean was particularly harsh when he pointed out, ”She’s not the girl next door” at tribal council. One of my all-time favorite ”Survivor” moments has be that walk to the waterfall with Ve and Sean dissing Neleh and her ”sweet little Mormon girl” act, as Ve phrased it. And I know the whole family members visiting thing was supposed to be touching, but Neleh’s mom, Becky, was just so irritating with those dopey flowers stuck in her hair.

Of course, irritating is one thing. The way Kathy jumped on her son Patrick was full-on disturbing. If my Mom ever wrapped her legs around my brother? okay, cannot go there. Ever. Gross. Regardless, though, you had to love Pat, with his eye roll at his mom’s cooking and his ”I like my TV and couch” mentality. Sadly, I think ol’ Pat gave Mom some bad advice. She should have teamed up with the General. He may have cost her the game.

While we’re on the subject of ”Survivor” family members, how — for lack of a better word — HOT is Paschal’s wife? Of course, I did notice Pappy keeping his distance from nubile Neleh while wife Beverly was around. As soon as they were back at camp, Pappy’s arm was right back there around Neleh’s shoulders. Still, it’s impossible not to love the guy. His whole ”I take things for granted” speech could have been so holier-than-thou but his delivery was so sweet and genuine. Don’t let Neleh take you down to the depths of ”Survivor” hell, Pappy! Fight it!

Next week it looks like things will go from interesting to crazy drama. Is Kathy out of there if she doesn’t win immunity? If Ve wins, will he all have to suffer through another ”Oh, give it to me. Thank you Jesus. Yes!” speech? Will Neleh annoy Sean to the point of insanity? Robert was the only guy left who wasn’t a real character. He said he came and left with his ”pride, dignity, and integrity.” We can’t really say the same about the remaining five. But then again, now that things are getting good, would we even want to?

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