Pam Anderson is Stripperella -- va va voom! What special attributes will the future Mrs. Kid Rock possess as an animated superhero? Caroline Kepnes has some suggestions
Pamela Anderson
Credit: Pamela Anderson: Steve Granitz/

Sure, Stan Lee’s Über-creation ”Spider-Man” has more than eight legs at the box office: It set a record for biggest opening weekend ever, with $114 million in ticket sales. But we shouldn’t let that achievement overshadow Lee’s latest project with legs, as a producer of ”Stripperella,” an animated series starring the voice — and we hope, physical attributes — of Pamela Anderson as a ”stripper by night and superhero by late night.”

Anderson, a supermom who wants to retire to spend more time with hubby-to-be Kid Rock and her two sons, isn’t ready to talk about her latest gig, which is currently in preproduction and will begin airing on TNN in February 2003. But hell, we’re ready! We bet ”Stripperella” will be well endowed…with superpowers! And here’s a look at what we’d like to see as the crime-fighting superbabe’s extraspecial abilities.

A KILLER CHEST Legend has it that the night Stripperella underwent breast implant surgery, the hospital was struck by a bolt of lightning. Now Strip can, on command, emit ultraviolet rays from her formidable bosom that can sunburn any enemy (particularly really pale ones) to a debilitating, third-degree crisp. Ouch! That’s hot!

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