Nets are remaking old-school TV hits for the fall. Look for a new ''Twilight Zone'' -- and a sitcom about old sitcoms
Gary Coleman
Credit: Diff'rent Strokes: NBC/Globe Photos

Out with the new, in with the old. Several series from TV’s past are looking to make a comeback this fall, from the remakes of ”Family Affair” and ”The Lone Ranger” at The WB to a new Nancy Drew series at ABC, an update of Irwin Allen’s ”Time Tunnel” at Fox, and a new ”Twilight Zone” over at UPN.

NBC, meanwhile, doesn’t want to wait until September to unveil its trip down memory lane. A summer berth is being considered for ”The Rerun Show,” a comedy in which actors reenact classic scenes from sitcoms like ”The Facts of Life” and ”Diff’rent Strokes” while incorporating the stars’ real-life problems (like Todd Bridges’ run-ins with the law) for added laughs.

But the real humor of ”The Rerun Show” may come from the original scripts themselves, says Jeff Gaspin, NBC’s exec VP of alternative series. ”You just can’t believe what was originally said. Look at some of producer Norman Lear’s [‘All in the Family’] stuff. You remember these shows being groundbreaking, and now you wonder if you can even say those things on the air because of political correctness.” Whatchootalkinbout, Jeff?

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