Is Will really dead? With so many unresolved plotlines, next week's finale is sure to thrill
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Is Will really dead?

How could this happen? Is it possible, that I am actually sad about the demise of Will Tippin? That lovelorn, private-eye wannabe dork who’s wimpier than a Tupperware saleslady may have grown on me these past few weeks. He didn’t deserve to die at point-blank range by the evil (though insanely sexy in a Jude Law-meets-the-Devil kind of way) Mr. Sark.

Okay, must get over it. After all, what are the chances the guy is dead anyway? We know ”Deep Throat” (who, I suppose, is one of Khasinau’s team?) needs alive. Then again, we also must assume Sark wants him dead to get back at Jack and Sydney. More than anything, though, my inner television network executive tells me a major character death wouldn’t happen the week BEFORE the season finale. So let’s just assume Sark was packing a stun gun.

Now that that’s resolved, we can move on to the rest of that spy-tastic episode. So many plots have been left unresolved, it’s hard to believe next week is the final episode of the season. Dixon’s suspicion of Sydney has finally given him a good storyline. It’s hard to believe he didn’t recognize her under the veil — Syd’s eyes are pretty damn identifiable and hello, intelligence training 101? — but his slow and steady interrogation is going to lead him only one place: the truth. No doubt he’ll try to put some mini-sting operation together and if Sydney is busted, she may have to tell him all about SD-6 and her CIA counter-mission. Then again, if she does that, will Dixon end up six feet under?

Speaking of death, what’s up with Emily’s sudden second lease on life? More and more, I’m thinking she’s a) Sydney’s mother or b) a Khasinau spy. Is it crazy to think her blood tests were faked so she would get access to the SD-6 hospital and she was never sick to begin with? If SD-6 tries to kill her now, I have a feeling she’s going to whip off that I-have-cancer hat and kick the hell out of the henchmen.

Once that happens, Sloane and Jack will have some serious male bonding to do. I’m thinking that local bar that Jack was frequenting is going to become a steady set on the show. By the way, what happened to Jack’s therapy sessions? Has he been cured? Maybe Nancy (can’t help but call the shrink by her ”thirtysomething” name — she’s forever Nancy to me) has taken on a new patient…say, Vaughn, for example. That guy needs help. One mini-talk from his buddy Weiss and he does a 180 and becomes the ice king to Sydney? Doesn’t he know his erratic behavior is going to distance Syd from the CIA? Just pledge your stupid love to her already and get over it.

On second thought, don’t. I’m not ready for the two of them to become the primetime couple the show’s writers want us to want them to be. I’d almost rather see Sydney with Will than with Vaughn at this point. That is, if Will has a pulse by next Sunday. Thankfully, there’s another episode before the season ends. It better be a good one. We’re all going to need a good fix to keep us going all summer.

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