EW talks with Musiq. He's dropped the ''soulchild,'' but he still knows a thing or two about soul music
Musiq Soulchild

We played R&B singer Musiq — whose second CD, ”Juslisen,” is out May 7 — a few unidentified classics.

Funkadelic ”Hardcore Jollies” Oh, s—! That sounds like some early George Clinton. With funk music, you either get it or you don’t. It’s like a sloppy joe sandwich — either you like sloppy joes or you don’t. Because it’s not gonna be neat. It’s designed not to be neat. It’s better if it slides all over the place and you’re scooping it up with the bread. Metaphorically speaking, I love sloppy joes. I like to make sloppy joes. I’m very good at making sloppy joes. I can make hamburgers all day, but I would prefer to make sloppy joes. Even though I don’t eat beef. But that’s another story.

Sly & the Family Stone ”Just Like a Baby” [After first note] Woo! Sly & the Family Stone! ”Just Like a Baby.” Good Lord! Where did you find this? [Starts singing along] You’d be surprised how many people don’t know about this song. This brings me back. When you’ve got somebody who’s pouring their soul out on wax…oh, God. This is the very thing that I’m trying to get through to people. This is some beautiful s—.

Dusty Springfield ”I Don’t Want to Hear It Anymore” Who is this? Wow, this is cool. You can just feel the authenticity. No gimmicks. No punchlines. Just straight-up, raw talent. Just doing it.

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes (featuring Teddy Pendergrass) ”Wake Up Everybody” Teddy Pendergrass. When I was working in Burger King in Philadelphia around 1997, this cat would bring in his radio and play this song over and over and over and over and over again. [Sings] ”The world won’t get no better.?” Philly is so damn vibed out, it don’t make no sense. [Pause] Can you play ”Just Like a Baby” one more time? Woo! Turn it up!

Juslisen (Just Listen)
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