Which stars should audition for ''The Bachelor''? Britney, George Clooney, and more; EW.com chooses the stars we'd like to see duke it out for a spouse
Britney Spears
Credit: Britney Spears: Alan Davidson/Quick Pics UK/WireImage.com

Following the success of last week’s finale of ”The Bachelor,” ratings-hungry ABC is understandably eager to find a new batch of singles for next season, and a distaff version of the show is reportedly in the works. The lovelorn can now visit abc.com to answer a few questions about hobbies, past relationships, and previous convictions, possibly winning a chance to desecrate the institution of marriage on national TV. But why should average folk have all the fun? EW.com put together our list of the solo celebs we’d like to see angling for a spouse. Hey, at least ABC will be running background checks.

NAME Britney Spears
WHY IT ENDED Justin said it had absolutely nothing to do with that table-dancing skank, really
HOBBIES Snake dancing, acting, ripping off Madonna’s career
TALENT Promoting style over substance
STILL SINGLE BECAUSE…? Blame those stupid Pepsi commercials

NAME Drew Barrymore
WHY IT ENDED Setting the house on fire wasn’t so funny after all
HOBBIES film producing, aerial kick boxing, spontaneous bouts of nudity
TALENT quickie divorces
STILL SINGLE BECAUSE…? Boys really ARE better on the side

NAME Liz Hurley
RECENT RELATIONSHIP Film producer Stephen Bing
WHY IT ENDED DNA testing is such a turn-off
HOBBIES Breastfeeding, modeling, and praying son Damian is nothing like his alleged father
TALENT Looking smashing in the midst of mudslinging
STILL SINGLE BECAUSE…? Last boyfriend makes Dr. Evil look good by comparison

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