One Question for...Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi, director of The Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness, has spawned countless cult websites—including a few devoted to his latest movie: Spider-Man.

Q How were you affected during production by the knowledge that Spider-Man fans would spend an enormous amount of time online debating some of your choices for the film?

A It caused me a lot of worrying. It preys upon my insecurities when so many people don’t like a casting choice, or don’t like some creative decisions. I really wanted to please the fans of the comic book. I finally told myself that the best way to please the fans is [to] not necessarily listen to them, but to follow in my heart what I love about the comic book and bring that to the screen. That was the most honest way to please them and myself. I knew it would be a fool’s errand if I just tried to please the naysayers, or the strong opinion makers of the Net. I believe it’s got to be one vision, one person who tells a story, to make a picture work.

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