Spider-Man (Activision, Xbox, Everyone, $49.99) At one point in Spider-Man you (playing the webslinger) engage the Green Goblin in a midair duel — and the action becomes a blur of finger-twitching derring-do. That’s when the videogame is transformed from a run-of-the-mill movie spin-off into a state-of-the-art title. While most of the game’s story line stays faithful to the film — right down to Tobey Maguire’s corny one-liners — it also includes 10 original subplots featuring such familiar Spidey antagonists as Scorpion, Kraven, Shocker, and Vulture. The Assist Complete the game on the highest difficulty setting and you get to start over playing as the bad guy. The Last Shot The thrill of swinging down skyscraper-lined streets has never been better presented. And you’ll need to draw upon plenty of new combat moves to finish all 24 levels, which vary from duck-and-shoot skirmishes to puzzle solving to violence-free stealth missions. Be warned: When you’ve finally finished the game, your Spidey senses will be tingling almost as much as your tired fingers.

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