This week on the music beat, including Tony Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam

Skate Accomli When Busta Rhymes urged a throng of exuberant fans to ”Break Ya Neck” at the Beyond 2002 Super Festival in Miami, held April 12-14, no one imagined he was serious. But that’s exactly what a group of athletes — performing stunts on a half-pipe and motocross ramp — seemed intent on doing just a few hundred yards away. Music and action sports (”extreme sports” is apparently passe) have always been closely linked, but events such as Beyond 2002 and skateboarder Tony Hawk’s upcoming Boom Boom HuckJam are hitting the big time. At the Miami festival, Rhymes, OutKast, the Offspring, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Fatboy Slim, and Stone Temple Pilots shared the bill with a diverse array of skateboarders, motocrossers, aerial snowboarders, and paintball teams. At Hawk’s HuckJam, which debuts in Las Vegas on April 27 and starts a 24-city arena tour in the fall, the Offspring and Social Distortion will play sideshow to a tangle of ramps and obstacles that fill the arena floor. ”At most events, the skating and the bikes and stuff are always off to the side,” says Hawk. ”What I want to do is make the riding the focus, and the music incidental.” Along with the U.S. snowboarders’ Olympic performance, these exhibitions are helping make action sports a blockbuster attraction. ”It’s exciting, it’s athletic, it’s entertaining,” says Hawk, a 33-year-old father of three who’s been skating since he was nine. ”I always skated ’cause I loved it and thought it was legitimate and it should be as popular as it is.” For Offspring frontman Dexter Holland, the music-sports synergy makes sense. ”We kind of got our start through the skater audience in L.A.,” he says. ”It’s a natural thing because the sports are real energetic, and punk music is designed to be a release.”