ABC’s The Bachelor has ended, but the girls didn’t exactly walk away empty-handed. ”I definitely gained weight,” declares Amanda, who made it to the final two. It didn’t help that the producers of the husband-finding contest stocked up on such goodies as Dove Bars and Balance Bars, not to mention margaritas. ”It’s not like we sat around the pool all day doing shots,” laughs Amy, ousted in the second episode. Still, 15 girls living in one house — and trying to win over one guy, Alex Michel, 31 — will indulge. And you can too, with the bachelorette antidiet. But remember, as Amy said, ”this was a vacation! It’s not like we eat like this all the time.” Bummer. — Caroline Kepnes

BREAKFAST Ice cream; eggs; Balance Bar
SNACK Gummi Bears; Chex Mix; carrots
LUNCH Sandwich; pizza; pasta salad
COCKTAIL HOUR Margaritas!!!!
GROUP DINNER Contestant Angelique’s pasta, with red wine
DESERT S’mores by the fireplace
NIGHTCAP Champagne and Dove Bar

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