Is Rosie O'Donnell's girlfriend pregnant? Plus, news about Creed, ''The Simpsons,'' Peter Jennings, ''Oz,'' Robert Blake, Halle Berry, Michael Jackson, and others
Rosie O'Donnell
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BABY TALK Is Rosie O’Donnell about to become a mommy — the (more or less) old-fashioned way? Us magazine reports that Kelli Carpenter, O’Donnell’s partner, is pregnant. If so, it would be the first biological child for Carpenter, 34; she and Rosie have three adopted kids. According to Us, the couple recently visited a Manhattan gynecologist’s office, where the soon-to-retire talk show host crowed to the other women in the waiting room, ”My girlfriend is here — she’s pregnant,” and Carpenter emerged from the office with a sonogram printout. No word on who the biological father might be (Rosie’s brother, Danny O’Donnell? David Crosby?) or when the baby might be due.

HEALTH WATCH Creed frontman Scott Stapp was prepared to make his sacrifice and postpone indefinitely the remainder of his band’s tour in the wake of an auto accident in Orlando. According to a statement on the band’s website, ”his car was struck by another vehicle. Due to the nature of the accident, his body absorbed a 60-mile-an-hour impact. He has been advised by medical professionals to make this regrettable, but necessary decision as he recuperates.” The statement offered no other details about the crash, but MTV News quotes an Orlando police report that says the accident occurred April 19, when Stapp was driving a Cadillac SUV that was rear-ended by a Ford SUV. According to MTV, police estimated the damage to Stapp’s vehicle at $1,000 but said the singer reported no injuries at the time. Since then, however, the 28-year-old has been undergoing physical therapy to ease the pain in his neck and back and chose to err on the side of caution by scrapping the remaining U.S. tour dates, from April 29 to May 31, with the possibility of rescheduling them sometime this summer. Given that Lisa Lopes‘ suffered her fatal accident behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Montero, here’s some advice for pop stars: Stay out of SUVs.

TUBE TALK Ay, caramba! Is ”The Simpsons,” soon to head into its 14th (!) season on Fox, headed for nuclear meltdown? ”I think we are closer to winding it up,” creator Matt Groening told London’s Financial Times. ”When any character is as stupid as Homer Simpson, it’s hard to keep surprising the audience,” he says of the challenges of keeping the writing fresh. ”It becomes increasingly difficult as the years go by to keep on not only surprising the audience, but surprising ourselves. Although if we win the Emmy for best animation show, that gives us another couple of years to run it into the ground.” The difficulty of coming up with enough gags for a half hour each week (especially since ”The Simpsons” has a higher joke-per-minute ratio than any other show) is also why there hasn’t been a feature-length ”Simpsons” movie yet. Still, Groening says, the writers have been offered tons of d’oh, so ”we are starting to talk about it seriously, and I imagine there will be a ‘Simpsons’ movie sooner rather than later.” As for when the series would call it a day, a Fox spokesman said in a statement, ”We love the show, we love Matt and ‘The Simpsons’ are staying on Fox forever.”

Meanwhile, the show’s fondness for cameos by aging rockers (Aerosmith, The Who, Paul McCartney) will continue, with upcoming episodes featuring visits from Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, Brian Setzer, and Lenny Kravitz. ”We get to animate them exactly the way we want to,” Groening tells the BBC. ”Even if they’re old, they can still rock.”…

When rolls around this year, expect the networks to pull out all the stops. ABC News has already announced an all-day commemorathon, starting at 7 a.m. with ”Good Morning America” and continuing straight through to the end of ”Nightline” at 12:05 a.m. (NBC and CBS are likely to follow suit) ABC is preparing some 60 news pieces to air throughout the day, with Peter Jennings presiding over the whole thing as he did during the network’s daylong millennium coverage. (Guess ABC is pretty confident he’ll stick around, even though it’s reportedly asking him to take a 25 percent pay cut.) Coverage will be tailored to all ages, with Jennings even scheduled to moderate a show called ”Answering Children’s Questions.” Like: ”Uncle Peter, how come we haven’t caught Osama bin Laden yet?”…

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