Zoe says, ''Enough of this bulls---!'' The Maine lobsterwoman comes out of her shell and tells EW.com how she really feels about Tammy, Rob, and John
Zoe Zanidakis, Survivor: Marquesas
Credit: Zoe Zanidakis: Monty Brinton/CBS

If you thought Zoe Zanidakis was cagey and untrustworthy on the show, try interviewing this lobster fisherwoman. She seems to have blocked out some of her island ways, but that’s okay. After all, adopting a new persona may help with her dream career. Read on:

Very impressive how you spoke your mind on the show Thursday night.
Yeah, I really came out of my shell. I just thought, Enough of this bulls—!

Were you holding in your hatred of Tammy the whole time?
I didn’t hate her. I liked her, but I didn’t trust her. I knew she was strong and a contender. I knew she wanted to go all the way, so she was going to do everything she could.

Was there any more catfighting that day that we didn’t get to see?
No, but there was a high-five between us after she said she felt exactly the same way about me.

Did you really not see yourself in an alliance with John, Tammy, and the General?
This alliance thing, boy, didn’t it just get in the way? It just kind of put a kibosh on some good stuff. It is what it is. As far as an alliance, I didn’t take it as seriously as they did. I wasn’t always in on all their goings-on. I was just doing my thing out there and exploring and diving and looking for food.

When John left the island, did you know your days were numbered?
Well, I was one of the votes for John. After speaking with John for a while, you knew a lot about the show and you knew how he was going to be. When he applied for the show, he had seen every single episode of it.

And you hadn’t?
No, I hadn’t.

So you didn’t go into the game with any kind of strategy?
No, I didn’t. It would have been nice if it had worked out, but it didn’t. My only strategy was kind of going about my business the way I do it. I was the new kid on the block just trying to see what was going on.

Shouldn’t you have done some research before going on the show?
It probably would have been better. Life doesn’t always give you those opportunities, though. After applying for the show and getting chosen, I read a few books that Mark Burnett had written. The only season I was able to find was the ”Best Of” tapes of the first ”Survivor.” That didn’t give me a real clear picture as to what the alliance did for you.

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