Last summer, we got talking apes, Angelina Jolie as an action hero, and a Steven Spielberg sci-fi drama. This summer promises to be even better: We’ll get a talking dog (Scooby-Doo), Vin Diesel as an action hero (in XXX), and a Steven Spielberg sci-fi thriller (Minority Report).

And it’ll be deja vu all over again for some highly anticipated sequels: Men in Black II, Spy Kids 2, Stuart Little 2. Then there’s Austin Powers in Goldmember (No. 3), the fourth Jack Ryan adventure (The Sum of All Fears), and the eighth Halloween — not to mention a movie that might as well have a 1 in its title: Spider-Man. And, of course, the fifth Star Wars will be arriving as…Episode II.

Here’s what’s in store (including the latest from Julia, Mel, and Harrison) in the most extensive coverage of upcoming summer movies since, well, since last year’s summer movie preview.


Written and Reported by: Rebecca Ascher-Walsh, Marc Bernardin, Scott Brown, Rob Brunner, Ty Burr, Bob Cannon, Kelly Choi, Clarissa Cruz, Steve Daly, Amy Feitelberg, Daniel Fierman, Raymond Fiore, Gillian Flynn, Jeff Jensen, Tricia Johnson, Dave Karger, Gregory Kirschling, Allyssa Lee, Sunny Lee, Lisa Levy, Jason Matloff, Nancy Miller, Chris Nashawaty, Brian M. Raftery, Joshua Rich, Noah Robischon, Missy Schwartz, Benjamin Svetkey, Karen Valby, and Josh Wolk