Mister Mosquito (Eidos, PlayStation 2, Teen, $49.99) Mosquitoes, like Rodney Dangerfield, just want some respect. That’s the message underlying this positively peculiar game, which addresses its star bug as Mister and lets you experience life — all seven days of it — through the eyes of this oft-maligned pest. The action takes place in a Japanese home, where you buzz around trying to extract blood from the Yamada family—Mom, Dad, and teen Rena. The game’s structure is surprisingly rigid. Using a sort of mosquito radar, you can suck only from designated body areas, and the process requires near-surgical precision. But what makes Mister Mosquito truly strange is its voyeurism: Some players might be content just flying around the house watching the Yamadas go about their business, which, naturally, includes Rena soaking in a bath. (Can mosquitoes blush?) The Assist When in Rena’s room, strike her cell phone and cause her to start gabbing: It’s the only way to expose her neck. The Last Shot Sure, they’re annoying and their bites itch. And there’s the whole West Nile thing. Play this game, though, and you may think twice about squishing a mosquito this summer. The Grade B