Iron Monkey Donnie Yen (Miramax, PG-13) Before A- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon there was Yuen Wo Ping’s 1993 kung fu take on Robin Hood.

Lenny Dustin Hoffman (MGM, R, DVD) Bob Fosse’s B+ unsparing portrayal of the notorious counterculture comic arrives on DVD.

Paragraph 175 Documentary (New Yorker, unrated) A A rare and ground-breaking examination of homosexual survivors of the Holocaust.

Coming Up

Ali (Columbia TriStar, R) In Michael Mann’s biopic, Will Smith floats like a butterfly and stings like an Oscar nominee.

Grass (Home Vision, R) Part documentary, part civics lesson on the inner work ings of the U.S. government. Take time to learn the history of the devil’s weed.

Hardware Wars (Tapeworm, unrated, DVD) Of all the Star Wars spoofs, this is the only one with flying-steam-iron spaceships. Apparently, it’s Lucas’ favorite.

Jerry Maguire: Special Edition (Columbia TriStar, R, DVD) Revisit Cameron Crowe’s tale of a sports agent’s (Tom Cruise) personal breakthroughs on DVD.

Not Another Teen Movie (Columbia TriStar, R) On second thought, yes, it is—one that parodies flicks like She’s All That and Bring It On.

Iron Monkey
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