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Give Me a Break

Sex, Lies and Book Deals The Vatican may not want to hear any more about pedophile priests and the Catholic Church officials who protected them, but publishers are betting that readers will. The list of books that deal with the ongoing scandal now includes a Boston Globe-reported title that Little, Brown will publish in June and a yet-to-be-titled investigation — by dean of tabloid columnists Jimmy Breslin — into what he calls the Church’s ”betrayal,” to be released by Crown in 2003. Most explosive of all could be a book proposal that Gernert Company agent Betsy Lerner is currently shopping around; journalist Tom Connor‘s tentatively titled Cardinal Sin will focus on the role of Edward Cardinal Egan, the archbishop of New York, in the handling of the sexual abuse cases that rocked Connecticut during the ’90s, when he was bishop of Bridgeport.

Get A Gripe John Stossel is joining the angry TV journalists club, whose best-selling members include Bernard Goldberg (Bias) and Bill O’Reilly (The O’Reilly Factor): HarperCollins was the winning bidder for Give Me a Break!, in which the 20/20 reporter will tell how he went from liberal to libertarian. ”What I find interesting is the journey,” says exec editor David Hirshey, who, according to a source, made the winning $600,000 bid for the book, to be published in fall 2003.

Commercial Appeal ”Remember when MTV started and people thought, Isn’t it crazy that people make movies to sell albums?” says Shawn Coyne, publisher of the year-old Rugged Land Books. ”We thought, Why couldn’t we do that for books?” Ergo, the 40-second trailer, produced by ad man Guy Shelmerdine and film editor Lucas Spalding for $15,000, that features a telephone repairman with his nose stuck in John Scott Shepherd‘s recently published novel Henry’s List of Wrongs. The film, dubbed ”Fixation,” launched at and other book-friendly sites on April 16.

Give Me a Break
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