Sloane and Emily reveal unexpected emotion. It's not often that an action drama makes you tear up, says Jessica Shaw
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Sloane and Emily reveal unexpected emotion

One more thing to love about ”Alias”: Just when you think you have each character figured out, they show some unexpected emotion or take some infuriating action. During last night’s episode I had all these unexpected emotions — I actually felt sorry for Sloane, hated Dixon, and most perplexing of all, couldn’t wait for the next scene with Will Tippin.

Let’s take it from the top. In previous episodes, it seemed like Emily was going to play a more mysterious role in the greater Sydney situation. She came out of nowhere, dropped odd hints about SD-6, and seemed too good to be true (or at least too good to be married to that weasly Arvin). Now she’s being offed with her sainthood intact? When Sloane realized he would have to have Emily killed to retain his place in SD-6 you had to have some sympathy for the guy. Cold-blooded Sloane actually loves her. I’m not prone to weeping during action dramas, but I have to admit, I got a little choked up during that ”I’m so proud of you” moment in the hospital. Of course, I was half expecting Sloane to reach over and murder her with a pillow. Part of me believes Emily is some kind of agent herself (Sydney’s mother, perhaps?) and as soon as some SD-6 hitman comes around to off her, she’s going to rip off that head scarf, wipe off that I’m-having-chemo makeup and kick some assassin butt.

Speaking of SD-6 assassins, why couldn’t Dixon have been delayed a few seconds longer? Of course, why couldn’t the increasingly annoying Vaughn have used some of that CIA intelligence (perhaps Jack could have clued them in?) to find out that SD-6 was headed for the big diamond-Rambaldi solution exchange? Hmmm, maybe because he was too busy going out on missions, speaking French (which was pretty hot, you gotta admit), and being a neurotic worrywart about Sydney? But enough Vaughn bashing. Back to Dixon. I usually love Dixon and no one looks better in a Rasta disguise, but I was sort of hoping Vaughn would get him with a stun gun or something because things don’t look so promising for Middle Eastern Sydney at the moment.

But as far as getting out of sticky situations, Sydney’s got a cakewalk compared to what Will has ahead of him. I respected his cojones for confronting Jack at the bar (isn’t Jack supposed to be getting help for daytime drinking, by the way?) and for attempting to be a member of the Scooby gang, but Will doesn’t know what he’s in for. He could end up being the ultimate SD-6-CIA-Kazanow pawn. It’s not like he’s ever going to become an agent, so you know his days are numbered. If Daniel and Emily had to be murdered, surely some struggling journalist with permanent stubble isn’t going to be spared. But what else can we expect? We love our great heroine Sydney, but if you’ve got an X and a Y chromosome, stay far away from her.

What’s next for Syd and the ”Alias” gang?

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