Mike Myers gets his ''Goldmember'' back. Bond parent MGM finally gives New Line the greenlight for its next ''Austin Powers'' title
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Credit: Austin Powersin Goldmember: Melinda Sue Gordon

Three months before its release, Mike Myers’ new film finally has a name: ”Austin Powers in Goldmember.” Sound familiar? That was the original moniker until January, when the MPAA ruled New Line had failed to properly address an MGM complaint that the title was too close to the 1964 Bond film ”Goldfinger.” As punishment, New Line was barred from using ”Goldmember” until a mid-June hearing — forcing a title-free Super Bowl ad and the spiking of thousands of posters.

As part of an April 11 truce, ”Goldmember” will reportedly carry trailers for November’s Bond flick ”Die Another Day.” More importantly, MGM has veto power over future titles spoofing 007. (MGM declined to comment on names like ”License to Shag” and ”Never Say Member Again,” reportedly okayed by the MPAA.) Had MGM been forced to pursue its case in court, free-speech rights could have protected New Line’s parody.

Luckily, the fracas occurred early in the shoot, preventing a total ”Powers” outage. ”Sometimes filming was held up because [Myers] was getting called into meetings,” recalls costar Seth Green. ”It was a momentary distraction,” says director Jay Roach. ”We knew we had a great character named Goldmember [played by Myers, naturally], and no one could take that away from us.”

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