Born to Reign

Frat houses of America, prepare your sound systems: Ali star and playful rapper Will Smith says he’ll be releasing his next album — the as-yet-untitled follow-up to 1999’s double-platinum Willennium — June 25, just eight days before the alien-smashing summer sequel Men in Black II arrives in theaters. ”I’ve recorded about 30 songs already,” says Smith, ”and I like about eight of them.” (His spokeswoman says the first single, ”Nod Ya Head,” is featured in the film and will hit radio in mid-June.) The Oscar big shot insists he hasn’t forgotten how to get jiggy with his first passion—even if it does mean shifting gears from World’s Greatest to Fresh Prince. ”Two weeks in the studio, and I’m up to speed,” he boasts. ”My slang is current, I’m hip to the new-style drums, and I’m back in synch.”

Born to Reign
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