The precursor to this graffiti-art game, Jet Grind Radio, so offended law-abiding citizens that its creators were barraged with angry phone calls. And while the artistry in ”tagging” walls with spray paint may be lost on some, few could miss the outlaw thrills of JSRF: A corporation is cracking down on freedom of expression, and DJ Professor K is calling on all rocket-powered skaters to take up aerosol cans against the Rokkaku Group. The game’s cel-shaded graphics and neon cityscapes are so gorgeously rendered that it’s sometimes distracting. The same is true of the soundtrack (featuring tracks from Cibo Matto and the Latch Brothers). Too bad the gameplay, which mainly consists of ”grinding” on magnetic skates while scooping up spray cans and searching for walls to tag, doesn’t live up to the rest of the package. THE ASSIST Finish the game and return to Roboy to open the Test Run. Earn Jet rankings on each run to unlock hidden characters. THE LAST SHOT Although JSRF takes up to 15 hours to finish, it isn’t all that hard (much of the time is spent searching for tag spots obscured by awkward camera angles). A great-looking game that isn’t very deep.