It’s official: Martha Stewart is a bitch — on screen. For Big Trouble, the domestic diva allowed her face to be attached to a dog’s body in Stanley Tucci’s toad-induced hallucination. ”We spent a day with Martha on a blue-screen stage,” explains director Barry Sonnenfeld, who met Stewart at a party in East Hampton, N.Y. ”I had her bark [the names of] vegetables. She barks arugula brilliantly.” Sonnenfeld says Stewart made only one request. ”She wanted to pick the dog, but I told her she had to be an Airedale. We’d already shot it.” (She preferred a chow.) Also in Trouble, a character peruses Martha Stewart Living, and in Sonnenfeld’s Men in Black II, Stewart’s TV show plays in the background. The director says he’s a great admirer of her confections. ”Especially her Buche de Noel.” It’s a good thing.

Big Trouble
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