EW Rocks Twisted Sister Frontman (and PMRC Target) Snider With Stupid Questions

Shock rocker Dee Snider played to packed houses in the 1980s as the lead singer of Twisted Sister. But his most memorable performance took place in front of a much different audience: the U.S. Senate. Snider’s appearance before a committee hearing on ”porn rock” is revisited in VH1’s Warning: Parental Advisory. With Snider playing himself in the cable pic, we compiled our heaviest list of stupid questions yet, and yes, he’s gonna take it. — Dalton Ross

It beats working.

You were famous for your outlandish music videos, but was the purpose of these clips (a) to showcase your vast musical talent, or (b) just an excuse to beat up Neidermeyer from Animal House?

Definitely B. My brother and I were huge Animal House fans.

Tell me, how does one become an official ”Sick Motherf — -in’ Friend of Twisted Sister”? Is there some sort of initiation ritual?

Actually, I dub people an S.M.F. Do you wanna be dubbed?

Okay, you are dubbed an S.M.F. Remember, once an S.M.F., always an S.M.F.

That’s it? You mean I don’t need to burn a goat or cut my pinkie off or anything?

No, nothing like that. If you wanted to be called a sick motherf — -er, you were one.

Excellent! Now as for the new movie, I assume there was a lot of competition for the part of Mr. Dee Snider. Who did you have to beat out for the role?

Jeff Goldblum, Weird Al Yankovic, and the late Chris Farley, who apparently was out of the running because he’s dead. The truth of the matter is, I think they were like, ”Who the f — – is gonna play this guy? We gotta get him!”

I hear the Gores are big movie buffs. Did you ever invite them over for a screening of your family-friendly psycho epic Strangeland?

No, but I would have loved to. If they thought they hated me in the ’80s, they’d loathe me now.

EW’s own Dan Snierson claims he once saw you berate a fan. Would you like his address so you can go kick some scrawny journalist ass?

Oh, that was a regular thing. In the bar days I was off the stage every night beating up people in the audience. So, no, I don’t need his address.

[Long pause] Yeah, sure.