BIRTHS British bedazzler Elizabeth Hurley, 36, greeted her first child, Damian Charles, April 4. She has said the father is U.S. film producer Stephen Bing (Get Carter), who has publicly questioned his paternity.

EXPECTING The producers: Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, 37, and her Broadway-star hubby Matthew Broderick, 40, will welcome their first child this fall. HBO, while vague about implications of the pregnancy for Parker’s Sex and the City, temporarily suspended production of the hit show while shooting the first two episodes of the fifth season….The Mummy and daddy: Actor Brendan Fraser, 33, and his homemaker wife Afton, 35, will welcome their first child in October.

ANNOUNCEMENTS The Early No-Show: On April 4, CBS announced that former longtime Today host Bryant Gumbel, 53, was leaving his Early Show anchor chair after 2 1/2 years. ”I feel it’s time for me to move on,” Gumbel said in a statement; he hasn’t set a departure date. No replacement has been named….Megadeth is megadead, guitarist Dave Mustaine, 40, announced April 3. Mustaine, who formed the metal act in 1983, noted he suffered nerve damage in his left arm from a January injury.

ARRESTS Who’s the slugger here? B-movie bombshell Tawny Kitaen (Dead Tides), 40, was arrested April 1 in Newport Beach, Calif., on misdemeanor charges of battery and abusing her husband, Cleveland Indians pitcher Chuck Finley, 39. The Orange County district attorney’s office says a high-heeled Kitaen repeatedly kicked Finley and brutally scratched his face and arms. She was released from jail April 3 and faces up to a year in prison if convicted. Her lawyer says she plans to plead not guilty.

DEALS Cold Mountain cash: After considering author Charles Frazier’s one-page proposal for a story about a white Cherokee chief in 19th-century North Carolina, Random House agreed to pay the National Book Award winner a reported $8.25 million for his second novel, tentatively set for publication in 2005. Additionally, Wonder Boys producer Scott Rudin and Paramount Pictures snapped up movie rights to the as-yet-untitled book for $3 million.

COURTS On March 29, Lee Anderson Minnelli, 94, sued stepdaughter Liza Minnelli, 56, claiming the newlywed failed to cover her stepmom’s bills — including wages for the gardener and maid at her Beverly Hills home. The suit seeks unspecified damages. In a statement, David Gest defended his wife: ”Liza has offered to buy Lee a condominium, but apparently her generous offer was refused.”…The price of bad Mathers: On April 4 rapper-actor Eminem (ne Marshall Mathers, 28) agreed to pay $100,000 to John Guerra, 28, the bouncer he allegedly threatened with an unloaded pistol outside a Warren, Mich., nightclub in 2000. Last year, Em pleaded guilty to a concealed-weapon charge stemming from the incident….On April 2, shock rocker Marilyn Manson, 33, was sued for wrongful death by the mother of actress Jennifer Syme (Lost Highway), an ex-girlfriend of Keanu Reeves who died last year at age 29 in a solo car wreck after a party at Manson’s L.A. house. Syme’s mother, Maria St. John, claims the copious amounts of cocaine given to her daughter led to her death. In a statement, Manson said, ”It is a pity that St. John sullies her own daughter’s reputation by filing this baseless claim.”…On April 5, a London jury found R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, 45, not guilty of being a combative drunk on a trans-Atlantic British Airways flight last April. He’d been charged with criminal damage for allegedly assaulting two crew members. Buck’s buddies Michael Stipe and Bono appeared as character witnesses at the three-week trial.