Dana Carvey, The Master of Disguise
Credit: Master of Disguise: Jon Farmer

For much of the past eight years, Dana Carvey has been out of the limelight, enjoying a quiet life with his family. That is, when he wasn’t battling complications from botched bypass surgery in 1998. Now completely recovered, the 46-year-old comedian returns to the big screen (we won’t count his cameo in ”Little Nicky”) in a tickler exec-produced by fellow ex-SNLer Adam Sandler.

While brainstorming the flick, Carvey says he had one thing in mind: making his kids laugh. ”I’ve got two boys, 8 and 10, and they really hate live-action PG movies,” he says. ”They think it’s, like, nerdy and not cool. So I tried to make a movie that seemed PG-13, but was actually PG.” And so he created Pistachio Disguisey, a sweet Italian waiter who discovers he has Energico, a spiritual energy that transforms him into everything from a cherry pie to ”Scarface”’s Tony Montana — all in the name of heroic spy work. ”I wanted a device where I could play a silly idiot and go into a trance and then be Robert Shaw from ”Jaws” or whoever,” he adds. The idea of an edgier PG sat well with first-time director Blake, who was originally the movie’s production designer until Carvey realized they shared the same ”Master” vision. Blake was happy to just let Carvey loose in front of the cameras. ”Every day, I made [sure] we had enough time to allow him to really get going,” says Blake. ”We have great little pieces that come from him just going off.”

The Master of Disguise
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  • 80 minutes