Feedback from our readers for the week of April 19

With 15 out of 24, EW won more Oscar bets this year than in the past, and readers seemed duly impressed with our annual Oscar odds issue (#645, March 22). After all, we got five of the top eight. ”Kudos on your prescient Oscar picks and semipicks for Denzel Washington [and] Jennifer Connelly,” writes Matthew J. Rutherford from Clifton, Va. ”Now if only you guys were around when I decided to go with that Enron stock.” Meanwhile, Susan Mulliner from Philadelphia faults us for being too spot-on. ”Every year my friend copies his Oscar pool sheet directly from [EW] and wins! I’d like to win once in a while; so next year, do you think you could not do such a great job of picking?” Hey, you win some, you lose some.

The Odds Squad

There should be an award for Best Oscar Coverage by a Magazine. EW would have a lock on it. Your issue was informative and gave a fascinating look at the race, as well as a terrific preview of the event itself. As always, your predictions were right on the money.
Gene Rogers
Portville, N.Y.

I’d like to commend EW for once again providing the best pre-Oscar coverage of any magazine. However, one thing you mentioned will leave me with one finger on the remote—Bruce Vilanch. Will someone please finally tell this man he is not funny? I hate to think of another awards show dotted with stale Vilanch-isms.
Jim Taylor
Wyandotte, Mich.

Your Oscar race coverage got me thinking: Ian McKellen’s was not the only outstanding performance from The Fellowship of the Ring. Why is there no award for best ensemble cast? Movies like The Lord of the Rings and Gosford Park would have been worthy nominees.
Kate Walker
Birmingham, Ala.

You should have come up with another category in your TV section, entitled ”What to Avoid Watching at All Costs” for Joan and Melissa Rivers’ Live From the Red Carpet on E! That this venomous adder and her unconscious spawn have a show on anything other than cable access is absolutely amazing.
Bill Dunn
Temple City, Calif.

Home Advantage

I am a huge fan of TLC’s Trading Spaces (Behind the Scenes). The reaction of the Herricks is completely unusual. Most people are excited when they get to see their new room, even if it wasn’t something they were expecting or thought they wanted. The reality is, if you agree to go on, you agree to changes, some of which may not be your style. That’s part of the experience.
Abby Schochet
Oak Park, Mich.

Thank you for finally writing an article on Trading Spaces. I have been addicted to the show since the first time I saw it. But please tell me why you would focus on a room that the homeowners didn’t like (which really wasn’t as bad as your article made it seem) and not on the dozens of rooms that people adore? While you’re at it, throw in a few pictures of Ty.
Jessica Jellings

Great Jones Streak