Kieran Culkin, Ryan Phillippe, ...
Credit: Igby Goes Down: Myles Aronowitz

Macaulay’s 19-year-old brother finally makes his own version of ”Home Alone” — a dark comedy about a financially privileged, emotionally wrecked Manhattan family. Culkin (”The Cider House Rules”) plays a teenager dealing with a batty, dying mother (Sarandon), a snotty older brother (Phillippe), and a weirdo of a godfather (Goldblum). At least he’s got a sweetheart of a girlfriend (Danes).

The writing and directing debut for Steers (who appeared in ”The Last Days of Disco”), ”Igby” was inspired in part by his own New York childhood. ”It’s about a kid who’s rebelling against an oppressive, stifling, old-money world that he’s been born into,” he says. As for finding the perfect lead, Steers — who was on the verge of losing financing after another actor dropped out — remembers that ”I hadn’t slept for basically a year and a half, and I walked in and Kieran said, ?You look like s—.’ I thought, This is the kid.”

Igby Goes Down
  • Movie
  • 97 minutes