Highlander: The Immortal Edition


”There can be only one” seems a somewhat fraudulent catchphrase for a film that’s seen at least five home-video incarnations. That there have been so many releases is a testament to the fervor of the cult devoted to Russell Mulcahy’s time-tripping tale of immortal swordsmen (like Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery) battling for a mystical ”prize.” But is this ”Immortal Edition” worth buying if you’ve already got the 1996 ”10th Anniversary Director’s Cut”? Not if you’re looking for new supplements. This new release has the same commentary track (by Mulcahy and producers Peter Davis and William Panzer) and the same reincorporated footage as the earlier DVD. The wide-screen image has been remastered — and thankfully: The ”Director’s Cut” had one of the worst transfers ever. But, unless you’re a major Queen fan — the band did a handful of songs for the film, and those videos, as well as a companion CD, are included — there’s no real reason to buy this and encourage someone to release yet another version. B-

Highlander: The Immortal Edition
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