Once upon a time, Warren Zanes was lead guitarist for the beloved 1980s Boston roots-rockers the Del Fuegos—not to mention a fractious partner to his bandleader/big brother Dan. But while Zanes the elder has lately reinvented himself as a Raffi for the hipoisie, it’s bratty kid bro who’s come up with a thing of indie-pop beauty. Unfortunately, you can’t hear it: Recorded in 2000 in Nashville, with guest harmonies from the likes of Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin, Memory Girls was set to come out on the Dust Brothers’ Ideal label until their deal with Disney fell apart. Now, as Zanes gigs around the East Coast, his CD (a five-song EP version of which is available at is making the rounds and, to quote one of its songs, “shining like a misplaced star.” From the bruised shimmer of “Sidewalk Sale” and the sweet Memphis soul of “Hey Girl” to the Beckish “Everybody Loves You” and the sunshine power pop of “If You Could Stay,” this is a perfect old-school summer record, no matter when it finally comes out. A- –Ty Burr