MULHOLLAND DRIVE Naomi Watts (Universal, R) David Lynch’s A- chilling inside-out yarn unravels to expose two vulnerable women at its core.

NO MAN’S LAND Branco Djuric (MGM, R) This year’s foreign A language Oscar winner dives into the trenches of war and satire.

SHIRI Han Suk-Gyu (Columbia TriStar, R) Dueling guns, A- political cynicism, and a flair for explosives make for a superheated Korean thriller.


BEHIND ENEMY LINES (Fox, PG-13) Owen Wilson is a soldier in a big ol’ Serbian mess, and it’s up to war vet Gene Hackman to bail him out.

FATAL ATTRACTION: SPECIAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION (Paramount, R, DVD) Fifteen years later, it’s still one of the best date movies ever and a welcome DVD addition.

THE JUNIPER TREE (Rhino, unrated) In her 1990 feature film debut, Bjork is a weird girl who sings out loud and talks to herself. And this is fiction?

MY FIRST MISTER (Paramount, R) Store owner Albert Brooks and Goth grrl Leelee Sobieski look beyond age and culture just long enough to insult each other.

NOVOCAINE (Artisan, R) Steve Martin plays a dentist who gets entangled in a web of passion, crime, and prescription painkillers.