Robin Tunney, Cherish

Tunney is in nearly every scene of Taylor’s indie comedy-thriller and Sundance fave, playing a lonely ’80s-rock fanatic who, unjustly accused of murder, ends up under house arrest and in love with her parole officer (Nelson) while a stalker closes in. This meant a lot more speaking (and a lot less screaming) than in her two recent big-budget efforts — ”End of Days” and ”Vertical Limit” — though all of her characters did have one thing in common: their hair. In ”Cherish,” Tunney wears two pricey wigs she received as parting gifts from her studio forays. ”I tried to bribe Finn with them when he didn’t know if he was going to give me the role,” says Tunney. ”I said, ‘Look, you’ve got 15 months’ passage of time [in this story]. I don’t know any woman who has two wigs that look real like this. I’ll bring ’em!”’

The intense 28-day shoot meant little primping time, which Tunney embraced, since she and Taylor (”Dream With the Fishes”) envisioned her character as a Human League-crooning, braces-wearing goofball. ”It was so nice to get to dance and be nerdy and not worry about beauty, too,” she says. ”When somebody casts you as the ingenue, and you get a pimple, you see all the people commiserating ‘We’re gonna have to shut down, Robin’s got a zit!”’

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  • 100 minutes