High Crimes might revolve around murder, but during the shoot Ashley Judd was preoccupied with furry animals. She disappeared from the rural Sun Valley, Calif., set, after literally going to the dogs. ”They sent out a bulletin that Ashley had been kidnapped by some crazy hicks,” says costar Amanda Peet. ”Finally, we find her inside this cage playing with a litter of puppies.” (The actress had wandered to a nearby home.) Between takes, Judd also studied the movements of her five pet cats to prepare for her role in an upcoming Batman spin-off. ”I was attracted to the dichotomy,” says Judd of Catwoman, ”the unsure, henpecked gal and then this uberconfident and ambiguous heroine.” Crimes costar Morgan Freeman had his own way of helping Judd prep: ”I kept asking her to use the whip on me.”

High Crimes
  • Movie
  • 115 minutes