Edie Falco, Marc Blucas, ...

God bless John Sayles: The resolutely maverick writer-director must be the only guy in the business who would hire Edie Falco based solely on her indie-film cred. Despite having a home in Hoboken, N.J. (or maybe because of it), ”I haven’t seen ”The Sopranos” much,” Sayles fesses up. ”I thought of her more from ‘Judy Berlin.”’ Returning to the kind of socially conscious multicharacter saga he pulled off so well in ”City of Hope” (1991) and ”Lone Star” (1996), Sayles cast Falco and Bassett as two women attempting to reconcile with their families and the changing landscape in their small Florida hometown (Hutton costars as Falco’s love interest).

Don’t expect any heart-to-hearts between the two women, though. While their stories are interlaced, they’re together on screen for only one short scene (as always, it’s the bigger picture that matters with Sayles). At least the actresses got to meet. Says Falco: ”Angela and I share an old agent who, through the years, was always telling me about Angie, Angie, Angie, and apparently saying the same thing to her. When we finally met in the trailer it was ‘Oh, my God!’ and we did our little scene. And then I saw her at the Emmys.”

Sunshine State
  • Movie
  • 141 minutes