Eight Legged Freaks
Credit: Eight Legged Freaks: Warner Bros.

Producers Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich (”Independence Day,” ”Godzilla”) are at it again with a whole new breed of invaders: poisonous mutating spiders. According to Arquette, it’s okay to laugh. ”It’s funny in a campy sort of way,” he says. ”We don’t overdo the comedy…but you know, it’s like one of those old sci-fi movies.” As for the boo! factor, ”it’s scary in the way that one of those nature-channel programs is scary, like a lion-attacking-a-gazelle thing.” (That is, if a gazelle bleeds bright green blood, as these killers do.)

Probably equally frightening to Warner Bros., however, was the film’s original title, ”Arac Attack,” which Arquette, for one, was happy to see go — but not because of the homophonic echoes of the Middle East crisis. ”I think [‘Arac Attack’] made it sound too much like ‘Arachnophobia,”’ says the actor, who came up with the phrase ”eight legged freaks” one day while he was doing additional voice work. ”This is totally different.”

Eight Legged Freaks
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  • 99 minutes