Blue Crush
Credit: Blue Crush: Universal

In an aquatic ”Fast and the Furious” for the estrogen set, Anne Marie (Bosworth) is a headstrong teen who moves to Hawaii, determined to win the traditionally all-male Rip Masters surfing competition; Rodriguez plays her roommate and fellow competitor. Davis is the boy who makes Anne Marie’s heart pound harder than the waves on Broken Neck Beach. While the plot seems simple enough, the actual shoot, on the North Shore of Oahu last winter, was a bit more complicated.”

”It was stressful because we were always waiting for the right conditions,” says director Stockwell (”crazy/beautiful”), who promises rad surfing sequences. ”You can’t say ‘action’ until the waves come.” Stockwell hopes ”Crush” will finally ”get [the surf movie] right.” And that includes giving props to a very un-Hollywood ideal. ”Big breasts generally get in the way of surfing,” he notes, ”so a lot of these surfing girls are just tall and lean and really cut and just a different kind of physicality, which I found really interesting.”

Blue Crush
  • Movie
  • 103 minutes