Chris Rock, Bad Company (Movie - 2002)

We’re pretty sure this one will still be called ”Bad Company” when it hits theaters. And we’re also fairly certain that it will still come out on June 7. But you can understand our hesitation, considering that the Chris Rock?Anthony Hopkins action comedy was at one point titled ”Black Sheep” and was due in theaters last Christmas. The first change was a response to the 1996 Chris Farley?David Spade comedy of the same name. But, assures Rock, ”this movie is a thousand times better than that one — that movie was horrible! I would never submit people to anything like that.” As for the release shuffle, ”Bad Company”’s plot — which hinges on a band of terrorists armed with a nuclear suitcase bomb in New York City — made it a hot potato so soon after Sept. 11. ”It would have been inappropriate,” admits director Schumacher. ”We waited till after the first of the year to show it to research audiences again to see if there was any sensitivity factor.”

Rock plays a hustler who gets by scalping Knicks tickets. But when his twin brother — a CIA operative — gets killed in the line of duty, his partner at the agency (Hopkins) has to recruit and train the scam artist to help collar the bad guys. ”It’s like ‘Beverly Hills Spy,”’ says Rock. Responds producer Jerry Bruckheimer, ”Well, I hope he’s right. I hope we do as well as that film did.” The $70 million picture was shot mostly in Prague, where Rock jokes that he was shocked to find out that Hopkins is the bigger star: ”I guess they don’t have HBO.” In fact, Rock says he was surprised to discover that he and his knighted costar actually had something in common. ”I’d never met him. I’d never been in the same room with him. We travel in different circles. But no matter how different two men are, if you say, ‘Hey, man, women are crazy,’ you got a friend.”

Bad Company (Movie - 2002)
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