Ben Kingsley, Triumph of Love
Credit: Triumph of Love: Sergio Strizzi

Flashes of sunny silliness escape the rigors of Clare Peploe’s romance, Triumph of Love, a luxe adaptation of Pierre Marivaux’s 18th-century classic comedy about a headstrong princess intent on winning her sworn enemy’s heart. But between love and madness lies…Mira Sorvino, a self-conscious actress entrusted with a role that calls for more authentic abandon. This nameless royal personage disguises herself as a gentleman to gain entry into the secluded villa where her quarry (Jay Rodan) is being tutored in the treachery of love by a coldly rational philosopher (Ben Kingsley) and his solitary scientist sister (Fiona Shaw), then she reveals or hides her sex as the folly of the moment demands. But while Peploe lays on a lot of visual and aural jokes (including shots of a modern-day theater audience and musical reverb from Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour), and while canny Kingsley and Shaw gaily provide the exaggerated swoons, it’s ultimately folly to believe that such a wan personage proceeds to inflame and seduce the whole household.

Triumph of Love
  • Movie
  • 107 minutes