Stuart Little 2

E.B. White’s Little family and its newest ”child” — who just happens to be a mouse — continue their New York adventures in a follow-up to 1999’s $140 million-grossing original. The first script for the sequel — which, says Davis, questions ”how much do you let someone [or a mouse] go free, and how much do you protect them?” — would have cost upwards of $150 million to shoot, but returning director Minkoff made changes to simplify the story, focusing more on the people than the animated characters to bring the budget down. (The family also gets a new baby.) Still, it took 11 months in postproduction alone to integrate Little (again voiced by Fox), a sexy pigeon (Griffith), and a sly cat (Lane). Says Minkoff, who began his career as a Disney animator, ”Stuart Little will go down in history as the most expensive actor in motion pictures. It costs a lot more to create Stuart Little than to hire Jim Carrey.”

Stuart Little 2
  • Movie
  • 72 minutes