Jennifer Lopez, Enough

With his beloved ABC weekly weepie ”Once and Again” canceled, it’s the perfect time for Campbell to hit the big screen as the antiÐRick Sammler. Meet ”Enough”’s Mitch, an abusive husband who torments his wife (Lopez, in a role said to have been eyed by Sandra Bullock), despite her best attempts to escape to new towns and experiment with new hairdos. ”I was somewhat frustrated in my work on the show — I haven’t kept that a secret,” says Campbell, who landed the film after talks with fellow ABC star Dylan McDermott fell through. ”I loved the show, but the character wasn’t as interesting to play as he could have been.”

To prep for his ”Enough” villain’s double-dealings — some of which involve his policeman buddy, Wyle (in his first big-studio role since joining ”ER”) — Campbell studied a few recent movie baddies, particularly Russell Crowe in ”Romper Stomper.” ”I don’t think I could ever hold a candle to Russell Crowe,” says Campbell. ”I might be a nicer person, but he could probably act my pants off.”

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