Drea de Matteo, Stephen Dorff, ...
Credit: Deuces Wild: Sam Emerson

”The Outsiders: The Next Generation.” Dorff and Renfro play siblings straight outta 1950s Brooklyn trying to survive the mean streets that killed their brother three years earlier. The newfangled gang movie also gives a nod to S.E. Hinton with an appearance by ”Outsiders” and ”Rumble Fish” king Matt Dillon. Just don’t expect pompadours, doo-wop, or Fonzie jackets. ”It’s a much grittier tale of poor kids protecting their neighborhood,” says director Kalvert (”The Basketball Diaries”). ”But it’s not this drive-by-and-kill-someone stuff gangs do today.”

So far, Deuces has been anything but wild, idling on MGM’s shelf since spring 2001. Kalvert, however, insists his $10 million greaser drama was never scheduled to hit theaters before fall 2001. ”People keep saying it was delayed, but there was no holdup,” he says. ”We were in postproduction [last spring] and the film was set for late September. But after Sept. 11, a violent New York street gang movie was not exactly what people were interested in, [so] it was pushed back.”

Deuces Wild
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