Sydney's smoking love life freezes over. Jessica Shaw ponders the deepening mystery of our heroine's parentage
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Sydney’s smoking love life freezes over

Well, that didn’t take long. One week Noah Hicks is the knight in shining armor, the sexy spy who stole Sydney’s heart, the mysterious but seemingly good guy. Next thing you know he’s the Snowman, butchering people with ice picks and going after our leading lady with kitchen appliances.

Okay, so at a certain point in last night’s episode it became obvious he wasn’t exactly overflowing with ethics (to the tune of $47 million in an offshore account), but couldn’t the writers have kept the guy around a little longer? First and foremost, for all the stress she’s under, Syd could have used more than one night of lovin.’ Beyond that, Noah had the makings of a wonderfully complex character and it would have been nice to see Sydney’s spy skills at work as she figured him out. Plus, Vaughn became a hell of a lot more interesting when he jealously suspected a Sydney-Noah tryst. Vaughn could have found out Noah’s true identity, gone on some manhunt for the Snowman, and found Sydney with him.

There could have been a great showdown and Sydney would have defended her man until Noah tried to kill Vaughn and Sydney would have realized Noah had turned to the dark side and she and Vaughn could have run off together and Noah could have chased them and…oh well. Noah’s got a knife in his heart. No point thinking about what might have been.

But maybe Noah’s not all the way dead. I’d sort of like to know why he’s such a psychotic freak, why he offed the very guy Sydney needed, and what he would have done with Syd if she’d agreed to run away with him. Did Noah know Laura? Was he protecting Laura from Sydney or Sydney from Laura? Add those to the pile of unanswered ”Alias” questions.

Even though Noah ended up being the truly nightmarish ex-boyfriend, he gave Jack yet another opportunity to show his devotion to Sydney. How great is Jack Bristow? I have to admit his less-than-emotive style drove me crazy those first few episodes, but I was genuinely touched during that scene when he locks eyes with Sydney and looks over to where Noah was standing. He saved Noah’s life even though he suspected Noah of the very thing that ruined his own life.

Speaking of which, Laura Bristow is looking pretty damn unredeemable these days. Ten years of sneaking into her husband’s briefcase and planting bugs on his clothing? Good thing Jack showed up early for therapy; he’s going to need about a lifetime on the couch to get over watching that videotape. Unless — and there’s always an unless when it comes to ”Alias” — Laura was just saying those things because Kazanow was in the room and she really did love Jack and Syd. I guess we’ll have to wait until Sydney finds her to get the scoop. Luckily, I have a feeling we won’t have to wait too long.

What’s the truth about Laura?

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