The Product Billed as ”the world’s first spray-on foundation,” Classified Cosmetics’ Era Face has made converts out of Katie Couric and Kelly Ripa, not to mention the women of Frasier and The West Wing and Ally McBeal‘s Calista Flockhart. Created by celeb makeup artist Yolanda Halston, it promises to ”airbrush” away head-to-toe flaws. The Process Mist problem areas and dab with buff puff for a matte finish. Does the $55 product live up to the hype? A panel of EW truth seekers took a can out for a test-drive. Pumped Up? The ”state-of-the-art delivery system” didn’t win raves. ”Requires lots of target practice,” notes one judge. ”It’s a new technology, so there’s a bit of a learning curve,” admits a company rep. It did do the trick on larger areas, like legs and arms. Cover Me Can it really cover tattoos, scars, and birthmarks? Yes, after multiple coats and ample drying time. But while Era did a fine job as liquid hose, on the face it looked ”Betty Crockery—as in cake,” says a tester. This may only fly ”if you’re Hedwig,” adds another. ”It’s meant to be used as a light mist,” stresses the rep. ”If you keep the pump in the same place and keep spraying, you’re going to get a puddle.” Skin tones were mostly on the mark. The Rub Era was prone to rubbing off on clothes—and yet, ”you need a cheese grater to remove it!” says a tester. ”It’s like nail polish,” says the rep. ”The more coats you put on, the more time you need for it to settle in.” Looks Matter Described as ”cute and modern” by a tester, the sleek, minimalist packaging design works—as does the plush puff.