Who the #@%! Are...B2K?

Hometown Los Angeles Latest Album B2K (Epic) Reason You’ve Noticed Them The dreamy foursome’s teen-lust anthem ”Uh Huh” (”We can walk through the mall while I hold your hips”) was the nation’s top-selling single for ten weeks, propelling their first album to a No. 2 SoundScan debut. A recent appearance at a Concord, Calif., Sam Goody nearly sparked a teen riot. How They Would Describe Their Music If They Were Music Critics ”Pop/R&B,” says lead singer Omarion, 17. ”We’re very energetic—we have positive music.” (The other members, all age 16, are rapper Lil Fizz and singers J-Boog and Raz-B.) How We Would Describe Their Sound Nu Edition. Target Demographic High school girls scared of R. Kelly. Fashion Sense Phat Farm, junior line. Triumphant Tale of How They Beat the Odds ”When we went on the Lil’ Bow Wow tour, we didn’t have a single out or a name or anything. But as we started building up our fans, they got crazier and crazier,” says Omarion, whose older brother is Batman (not the caped crusader, but a member of R&B group IMx). If They Were A Breakfast Cereal, They Would Be, Corn Pops. In a Pops ad last year, Omarion was the kid who tells the football players they’re late for a pep rally. Stock Quote on the Pitfalls of Fame Says Omarion: ”The only thing that gets really, really hard is when we have to wake up at five in the morning and do a bunch of work and we don’t have time off. We don’t have time to see our families.” LEAD SINGER’S INSTANT CHARISMA FACTOR (OUT OF A POSSIBLE 5) 4 FUNKY FACT J-Boog and Omarion are cousins, but all four see themselves as brothers. ”We all plan on getting married at the same time, having our kids at the same time. We’re, like, really family,” Omarion says. ARTISTS WHO NEVER LEAVE THE CD PLAYER ON THEIR TOUR BUS Ja Rule, Ludacris, Tweet, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z. WHAT’S NEXT A July tour with IMx and Lil’ Bow Wow.