Q What is the main reason A Beautiful Mind won Best Picture?

We asked you for some insight into the Mind-set of the Academy members who voted for this year’s winner—and 25,141 visitors were up to the task. Thirty-five percent of you felt it was the performances of Russell Crowe (above) and Jennifer Connelly that earned the film top honors; roughly half that many credited Akiva Goldsman’s script, and about the same number saw the influence of the studio’s well-publicized PR campaign. As for how the rest voted—well, you do the math…

The acting 35%
The script 18%
The aggressive studio PR campaign 17%
The direction 14%
The critical acclaim 10%
The box office success 3%

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Crunching Numbers
Before the Academy Awards telecast drove a huge global audience to their TV sets, it drove huge numbers to their computers. Here are the most-visited Oscar-related sites as measured by worldwide traffic on Sunday, March 24.

Visitors 646,000 379,000 309,000 106,000 51,000

* Source: Comscore

A Beautiful Mind
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