What really went on between Gina and Hunter -- She looked great in a bikini, but making friends was more important to her than winning the million
Gina Crews, Survivor: Marquesas
Credit: Gina Crews: Monty Brinton/CBS

One by one, all the really great ”Survivor” contestants are being picked off, leaving only losers and psycho freaks to inhabit Marquesas. This week, Gina Crews, 29, was evicted from her camp even though she won the reward challenge with her strong paddling, she found a pineapple, and she looks the best in her bikini. EW.com got the Southern belle to dish a little about her island days.

We were so surprised you got voted off instead of Kathy. Weren’t you shocked?
I kind of knew, actually. I had that gut feeling it was going to happen to me. I knew going into it that Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal had this bond that started before they met me. I understand why they did what they did because I probably would have done the same thing in their shoes. It’s just a game.

Why do you sound so well-adjusted about the whole thing?
I knew what I wanted out of the game was to take away the experience of a lifetime. I had no idea I would actually gain friends in the process. To me, their friendship was worth more than a million dollars.

The thing I can’t get over is that it seemed like you all were going to vote off Kathy because she was being kind of annoying and bossy.
The word I can use to describe Kathy is she’s really aggressive. It comes off as bossy — like how we didn’t have any fire a few times because of that sand situation. And in the challenge, we didn’t tell Kathy not to go first, so we kind of put her in that situation of taking the lead. Look, she definitely could get on your nerves at times, but she’s a super-nice person.

Why didn’t you talk to Paschale and Neleh to form an alliance?
I thought about it for a real long time that day. I thought, What can I do to stay in this game? But what was more important to me was definitely their friendship. I knew if I went behind someone’s back the friendship wouldn’t hold. To me that wasn’t worth the million dollars. I let chance play a part in my destiny. It was my time to go. There was a reason for that; I’m just not sure what it was yet.

So I guess you’re still in touch with all of them?
Yes, ma’am. We talk or email each other every day. I actually keep in contact with most of the people from the show. We all do mass emails. And we talk also. Right before the episode when Sarah got kicked off we talked.

Hold on a sec. You’re friends with Sarah? How is that possible? Didn’t you want to slap her?
Yeah, a little bit. I wanted to scream, ”Why were you so stupid to vote off the strongest members of the team?” But outside the game, Sarah’s a really sweet person and we get along. In the game I couldn’t stand her and she probably felt the same way about me. We talked a little bit about it at first and then left it alone and we have a very unique bond now.

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