April 08, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT
We gave it a B

On Silver Lining, Bonnie Raitt stays the course. Her voice remains good and grainy, her slide guitar raw and steely; the back-porch shuffle ”No Gettin’ Over You” could be an outtake from her earliest Warner Bros. albums (all of which have — hint, hint — just been reissued in remastered editions). She’s become just like the old blues musicians she worshipped in her youth — mature but with spunk to spare, as when she bites off several double entendres in ”Gnawin’ on It.”

In her hands, David Gray’s meditative title song takes on a weathered dignity. But the roadhouse rousers and midlife-meditation ballads feel like repeats of past performances, and stabs at world music resemble watered-down Paul Simon. Raitt can still shake some action, but ”Silver Lining” makes you wish she’d shake it up a bit more.

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