The Season of Lillian Dawes


F. Scott Fitzgerald couldn’t have done a finer job of conjuring up the 1950s martini-swilling, tea-at-the-Plaza, white-linen-suit world of Gabriel Gibbs, a 17-year-old orphan who finds himself living with his sophisticated older brother when he’s hurled out of boarding school for smoking a cigar. Living on the periphery of a teetering upper-class family — the kind whose ancestors sat for Sargent — Gibbs becomes enamored with the mysterious Lillian, a free spirit who darts in and out of society and Gabriel’s life. Mosby shows an extraordinary gift for detailing the mind and heart of a teenage boy — she neither underestimates nor patronizes the kind of passion that is only possible at that age — while never sacrificing the sharpness of the other characters or plot. A

The Season of Lillian Dawes
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