Milla Jovovich is quite a character. The star of ''Resident Evil'' wants to star in another videogame adaptation
Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil
Credit: Milla Jovovich: Justin Chase/Corbis Outline

Milla Jovovich: L’oréal spokesmodel, sometime singer-songwriter, and most recently, scantily clad zombie killer. The beauteous butt-kicker of ”Resident Evil” — the gory videogame-turned-movie — has been busy contemplating a return to the recording studio and mulling over various movie deals. She did, however, find time to talk to Entertainment Weekly and offer her, uh, unique views on why she’d like to run around with a butcher knife and what film actress she’d like to tussle with.

If you could play any videogame hero, which one would you pick?
I’ve had my eye for a while on the videogame ”Alice,” based on ”Alice in Wonderland” [and spookily reimagined by game creator extraordinaire American McGee]. I’d be perfect to play Alice out of the psycho ward going back with a butcher knife and saving Wonderland. I also like playing ”Grand Theft Auto” and feeling tough for a couple hours. But I don’t think I’d ever be in a ”GTA” movie. I like the fact that in ”Resident Evil” you’re killing zombies and not real people. It’s fantasy, it’s escape. That’s what I love about Alice. She kills cards; she kills weird creatures. But again, she’s not killing people. And I definitely wouldn’t want to be on screen just slaughtering people like that. I’m not Rambo and I don’t want to be. That’s passé, anyway.

I’m actually meeting with [”Scream” director] Wes Craven’s people to talk about what they want to do because they have the rights to ”Alice.”

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